Angang Constitution: Angang Constitution consists of the leaders’ involvement in labor, the workers’ involvement in management. It also reforms unreasonable rules and regulations, which the general public, the leaders and the technicians all take part in. T  he above constitutes “Two Involvements, One Reform and Three –In –One Combination”.

To review “Angang Constitution” under the new historical conditions and to know its core spirit and realistic significance are embedded in the smooth and steady development of the enterprise.  

“Angang Constitution” contains rich content. One of its main contents is technological innovation and technological revolution whose essences are science and technology innovation. Practice has proved that the development and major leaps of an enterprise is inseparable from science and technology innovation.

To study “Angang Constitution” under new historical conditions is to hold tightly to its core spirit, to promote vigorously science and technology innovation, to enhance continuously capability of independent innovation and to build vigorously innovative enterprise.





                                            Chairman Mao wrote personally with instructions on The Charter

                                             of the Anshan Iron and Steel Company on March 22nd, 1960.